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In mid-2018, Mayra Walters established BizVbitz, LLC—a dynamic practice that provides branding, web design, and digital marketing services across diverse industry sectors.

Mayra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, with 30 years of professional experience in multiple industries. Thriving in the fast-paced business world, she is a formally trained creative director, designer, and web developer.

Beyond her role at BizVbitz, Mayra serves as a college professor. Her commitment extends beyond industry projects as, in her lectures, she blends real-life experience and theoretical concepts, enriching the educational experience for her students.

Choosing Mayra for your digital services means gaining a trusted partner for your business needs. 

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entrepreneurs by providing resources and business consulting.


organizations and business groups in the use of technology “one step at a time.”


small business owners to establish an online presence and to compete with more success.


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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

We can develop a unique brand identity for your business, including brand strategy, logo design, design system, and everything that represents your brand visually.

Creative Design

Creative Design

By combining design and creative development, we create the best image for your business, event, or product. Think of us for your annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and advertising.

Web Development

Web Development

We design and develop your website visually appealing, easy-to-use, optimized, and mobile-friendly. Furthermore, through our trusted partner network, we offer full content solutions for your website including copywriting, and photography.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services to assist in developing small businesses practically and effectively.



Regardless of your size, sector, or stage of growth, new technology can and will disrupt your business. If you think you’re not ready to cope with this disruption, contact us and find out how you can keep your competitive advantage in this digital world.



Contact us for a free consultation about your branding, design, and web development. We will give you suggestions in step by step format to help meet your overall goals.

Design, Experience, and Solutions

Mayra has extensive experience in design, web development, and digital marketing to create the best image for your business, event, or product. She offers various services to produce all forms of digital or printed material.

Listening and Working Together

Placing her experience at your service. Mayra has an unprecedented commitment to quality, a knack for thinking out of the box, developing, and implementing strategic positioning in digital environments. Her passion lies in helping clients communicate ideas with the most cost-effective and creative solutions.

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Creating a brand identity is a crucial first step in marketing yourself or your business.

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